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In line with global trends and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s directions in achieving sustainable development goals across all sectors, NakeelAgri’s mission is based on providing all sustainable solutions in the agricultural sector, aimed at meeting present-day needs.
  • In the 1980s, NakeelAgri became a distributor for leading seed production companies, with Sluis & Groot being one of the most prominent in the agricultural field. Sluis & Groot, a Dutch company focused on seed production and cultivation, has a long history dating back to 1855 when its founder started selling seeds with his family.

    We also became distributors for Syngenta, a globally recognized company based in Basel, Switzerland, known for agricultural chemicals and seeds. Syngenta is renowned in the seed and biotechnology sales industry. It’s worth noting that Sluis & Groot later became part of Syngenta after a series of mergers and acquisitions.

    Furthermore, we serve as distributors for Yara, the world’s premier fertilizer company, a Norwegian chemical firm known for its top-quality agricultural products. NakeelAgri has been a distributor for Yara since its inception, originally known as Windmil, and evolved through various stages, including mergers, to become Hydro and eventually Yara.

    The history of NakeelAgri is intertwined with the history and transformations of major global companies in the agricultural services sector. It has accompanied and evolved alongside these companies, thanks to the trust it has gained from them. Over the past four decades, NakeelAgri has successfully provided top-notch services desired by the agricultural sector, thanks to our responsible and professional partners, as well as the company’s achievements throughout its operational journey, which we take pride in.

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Al Nakheel Agri Agricultural Company was established in 1981, and its founders had a clear vision to provide everything that is distinctive and new to the agricultural sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia market.

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