NakeelAgri​ Services

NakeelAgri works to provide a range of services closely linked to the needs of agricultural operations, aiming to enhance their productivity and facilitate all the ambitions and aspirations of farmers.

Fertilization programs

We have developed fertilization programs that allow for the calculation of crop nutritional content requirements. Essentially, various modifications can be made to enhance the effectiveness of the products used to their maximum value.

Support and technical consultations

“NakeelAgri provides all agricultural and technical consultations to farmers, ensuring they achieve the highest agricultural benefits. We also offer various risk mitigation strategies, whether related to misuse or implementation.

Sustainable solutions

NakeelAgri works to provide a range of sustainable agricultural solutions, which are of great importance to farmers in particular and to sustainable agriculture in general. Learn more about the service details.
Al Nakheel Agri Agricultural Company was established in 1981, and its founders had a clear vision to provide everything that is distinctive and new to the agricultural sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia market.

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