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Our history: 40 years of leadership

As we are a company with a lengthy background that has seen the evolution of the agriculture industry, our history is full of decisive moments. However, if we go outside the walls of our company, the origins of agriculture in Saudi Arabia started with the Bedouin or Bedu.

They are the nomadic groups of Arab people that managed to inhabit the desert regions in our country. Bedouin comes from the Arabic Badawi, and it stands for “desert dweller.”

Bedouin people used to live in tribes, and they shared a common culture of herding camels and taking the first steps towards agriculture. Today their numbers are way less as many of them abandoned their nomadic traditions for a modern urban lifestyle. Still, we do have to thank them for being the pioneers of modern Saudi Arabia.

Back in the 80s, when we became the distributor for the most prominent company of seeds at that time, Sluis & Groot things were kicking in the agriculture world. This company was a Dutch one, and its focus was the production and breeding of seeds. They also have a long history being dated back to 1855 when the founder was selling seeds together with his family.

Sluis & Groot went through different mergers and acquisitions, and the company based in Enkhuizen became part of S&G, the trademark of the Syngenta company. Through all these years, we continued to partner up, and we kept being a distributor for them. Syngenta is a global company that is known for producing
agrochemicals and seeds, and it is located in Basel, Switzerland. It’s one of the most abundant seeds and biotechnology sales company.

The exciting aspect here is that they are also the distributor for another company that, at first, was called Windmil. It grew step by step and changes came fast. This company even went through some different merges and was changed intro Hydro that, in the end, became Yara.

At the moment, we are the distributor of Yara, the best fertilizer company in the world. This is a Norwegian chemical company that, as you already knew, is involved in the agricultural market.

We managed to provide the best services we could by always making sure that our partners are respectable and professional in what they do. So now, after almost 40 years of activity, we are proud of the decisions we took along the way

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Al Nakheel Agri Agricultural Company was established in 1981, and its founders had a clear vision to provide everything that is distinctive and new to the agricultural sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia market.

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