About Al Nakheel Agri

About Al Nakheel Agri

Al Nakheel Agri Agricultural Company was established in 1981, and its founders had a clear
vision to provide everything that is distinctive and new to the agricultural sector in the
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia market. For four decades, we have been concerned with scientific
research to move towards excellence and provide effective agricultural solutions, We
achieved many successes and partnerships inside and outside the Kingdom


كما أن النخيل أجري تعمل خلال سنوات طويلة على تقديم أفضل الخيارات التي من خلالها تعمل على تمكين عملاءها من تحقيق النتائج التي يطمحون بها، وفق منهجيتها العملية التي تواكب كافة التغيرات في البيئة الزراعية، إضافة إلى تبني الشركة مجموعة من الاستراتيجيات التنظيمية التي تمثل ثقافة العمل الزراعي وآلياته المبتكرة والمستدامة.

إننا في شركة النخيل أجري فخورون بإنجازاتنا الطويلة، كما أننا نراقب وفق طموحاتنا مجريات المستقبل وانجازاته، ونمتلك الجاهزية الكبيرة للتعامل مع كافة التوجهات، فخبراتنا الطويلة اكسبتنا الصدارة والريادة في مجال القطاع الزراعي بشكل كبير، الأمر الذي أصبح يشكل ثقة عملاءنا التي نحتضنها بمسؤولياتنا الكبيرة وخدماتنا المبتكرة والمتجددة.

Our company Nakheelagri was established back in 1981, so we have been in the Saudi Arabia market for almost 40 years. Since we launched, we have been the distributor of the most significant seeds and fertilisers companies in the world. Even though we are located in Saudi Arabia and people associate our lands with a desert, we still have many regions where the climate favors agriculture. We stood by the best to deliver top agriculture products and services. The company has evolved a lot since it was launched. One of the leading factors of this was its collaborations with some of the biggest companies in the agriculture role.

Currently, Nakheelagri is the distributor of Yara. This company is the best fertilizer company in the world, having operations in more than 50 countries and sales in 150 countries. We provide agricultural products that focus on fertilizers and solutions that cover all the necessary nutrients that a crop needs. We focus on delivering the best options that our clients can choose to get the results they want. Agriculture is a challenging domain, and each new year new challenges appear that we need to handle. As we have always wanted to be part of the best, this can be felt not only through the products and services we offer but also through the organizational culture that we have developed in the last decades. Nakhleeagri saw the evolution of Agriculture through the eyes of its teams. Indeed, technology plays a more significant and more critical role than ever in this field, so this is why we pay attention to it. Communication was always one of our priorities. And here we are not referring just to the subjective aspect but also the way we communicate with our partners and clients. Communication done right is the number one key that builds successful opportunities. Having such a rich history means we had the time to create systems that help us be one step ahead. We take pride in what we have accomplished so far and believe that the future is only going to be full of accomplishments and progress.

How does Nakheelagri help?

We work closely with researchers and farmers to gain experience on what are the best methods to use the fertilizers we have. As we had a lot of time to invest in this, we can say that all the products and services we can provide are updated to the current level of the agriculture domain evolution. Nakheelagri also has a trial station where we take into account all the suggestions that come from our clients. We use it to come up with better products according to their needs that are backed up by research.

  • We know that for our client’s timing is probably one of the most important aspects if they want to ensure growth and good quality of their crops. This is why we take each step of the process very seriously, and we pay a lot of attention to the management of any operation that we do with our clients.Clients are our priority because, without them, we would not be existing. We first listen and then start to communicate. In any recommendations that we do, our primary focus is to understand our client’s needs. Only after that, we will begin the process of generating the suggestions that we think are the best for a particular case.We’ve been doing this for almost 40 years, and we had numerous clients that were delighted by what we achieved together. We take pride in what we do, and results are probably the easiest way to check the standards that Nakheelagri provides.So, we take full responsibility in providing the right support competence for all of our clients. The result is that they can be sure that all the information that is offered is going to help any client become a top producer.We stored so much data in our years of activity that we use for references. We also had all kinds of unique situations to handle, and our staff always brought their best to support and help our clients.

    As we are a transparent company that believes in its solutions, there is no room for second thoughts. We make the difference and what is going to arrive in the field of our clients has the best quality possible.



In terms of products, Nakheelagri, as the distributor of Yara, offers products that help farmers to grow more with each drop. We have a high-quality range of water-soluble products like liquid fertilizers, soluble straights, chelates, and many more. Besides those, we also have support materials, training tools, and services for fertigation. As we have to accept more and more technology, this means we need to develop solutions for agriculture as well. A fertigation software has been developed that allows the calculation of the crop’s nutrient demands. Basically, for each step of the growth, different changes can be made to maximize the effectiveness of the products that are being used. In terms of seeds, Nakheelagri offers a variety of seeds for multiple uses. This also includes hybrids that work better in certain conditions. Our clients can choose the right seeds, and we can provide a lot of useful data on how to maximize their growth. This fact is because we have been using them for so many years, and we have data to compare with. We also add different seeds from year to year.

Each seed comes with its description and attributes (maturity, weight, disease, etc.). This helps by providing the necessary information that any client might need to make the right choice. An important goal that Nakheelagri achieves through its products is sustainable agriculture. We show this even in the logo „ Sustainable Agriculture & More.” The idea behind this is to meet society’s food together with textile needs. This is valid for both the present and future generations. And with such a long history, we believed from the first days in this concept. We integrated our objectives into achieving:

  • A safe environment
  • Economic profitability
  • Social and economic equity

We believe that all the parties involved in the agriculture system: growers, food processors, distributors, retailers, consumers play a significant role in creating a sustainable agricultural system. Nakheelagri takes part in this by proving the best products. We could talk a lot about our products as we have so many useful ones. We always focused on bringing the best quality products that are easy to handle and apply to different crops. Nakheelagri is also helped by the vast knowledge and strategy that our suppliers has. This helps us get the best performance possible from all of our crops. The grower will have the ideal return on investment that anybody wants. Solutions Nakheelagri is continually looking for ways to innovate and improve the services it does. We do this by having open communication with all of our partners and distributors.As we have a rich history, this means we have been dealing with a lot of situations. The advantage of this is that as time passed by were able to use these situations as case studies to develop the Best solutions. It was a feedback/improve approach meaning that data was collected, and then we used it to generate new solutions and steps of action. Another critical aspect that he had when developing and choosing the solutions we provide is also the impact on our environment. We do whatever is necessary to ensure friendly solutions from all points of view. Nakheelagri stands for quality, and this extends beyond the products we provide. We offer tested solutions that are going to help growers reach their annual goals.

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Al Nakheel Agri Agricultural Company was established in 1981, and its founders had a clear vision to provide everything that is distinctive and new to the agricultural sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia market.

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